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Looking To Get Back Out Fri 7/20 & Sat 7/21....Mixed Bag Trips

Looks like Mr. Weatherman is going to cooperate with us this Friday and Saturday...and I want to get off the dock for more Cod and Seabass - but especially Cod. Although this is a mixed bag trip, 90% of my effort will be to top off the coolers with the winter king. Last weeks trips were both epic and its my goal to have a repeat. New lift pump goes in on the Port engine tomorrow and I will have both sets of rods rigged and ready to go. Fresh squid strips will be on board and ready for the Seabass. Hopefully, my huge order of new Cod jigs will come in by Thursday. Also ordered loads of new bank sinkers and all kinds of teasers (which I hand selected specifically for Cod). I will have everything locked, loaded and ready for all I need is enough anglers to run each trip. These will be "mixed bag" trips focusing on Seabass and Cod...$150pp plus the standard 20% tip for "Fishcounter Bob" who will do a great job on deck for you all day, then fillet, bag and ice down your catch. 100% effort from Capt. & crew....always. Throw lines at 6 AM and should be back in port by 4 PM (or a bit later if OT is necessary). Need a minimum of (5) anglers for each trip. Call, txt or email to save a spot at the rail...


No need to explain the pic below....your not a fisherman if you don't know what movie this is from! "Arrrr....What Say Ye Fishcounter Bob?" This pic hangs in my welding shop galley and gets tons of laughs...gotta love Capt. Ahab!!!

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