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Not The Start I Wanted....

Perfect weather, perfect seas, loads of fresh bait, all new rigs and jigs, boat running good and excited to throw the lines for the first a very long time. Took my sold out party of six to every good drop I have in the books SE Block and was very disappointed to find "The Green Eyed Devil"...Dogfish...on every single drop, and I mean EVERY SINGLE ONE!!! Keep in mind not one ounce of bait went into the water, I started them on jigs with just a teaser - even removed the teasers and they still mauled anything we sent to the bottom. It was a voracious Piranha like assault unlike anything I have ever seen in a lifetime of fishing. We were taking them up tail-hooked, ass-hooked and everything else imaginable. All twisted-up in the gear....lost tons of gear and snapped a rod tip to boot!!! Ah yes...the "endangered" dogfish kept us busy all day. Always successfully used jigs to avoid days like this...but I guess no more. Will have to just wait it out before I run anymore inshore Cod trips. Good news is I did find one drop with no dogs and enough Cod to satisfy the group. Came inshore late day to put a beat down on Sea Bass and that's how we ended.

Kudos to "Fish Counter Bob" who worked his ass off all day and had to have removed over 100 dogs along with endless tangles and gear loss, re-rigging and more. Worst than the dogs today was the terrible tip this particular group left Bob after a 12 hour day of busting his ass...$30!!! That breaks down to $2.50/hr!!!!...and will be the last time these CHEAP GOOGAN'S step foot on Codzilla!!! Sorry folks, if you want to play it cheap and fail to tip out my mate (20% standard), please find another boat to accommodate your kind!

Even though the boat ran good, I did find that I have a bad injector or two that needs rebuilding. Hoping to have this done by late Friday and plan to run some more trips next week. Standby for details...


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