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August 26 Update...

Bob and I had some good plans for today's trip but the Codzilla boat gremlins kept us tied to the dock...again. Never had a season like this in my lifetime...fix one damn thing and bam - another problem surfaces. I am so damn pissed and frustrated with this season. Over $5k in parts and labor so far and we are still tied to the damn dock without a single trip under our belts. So yesterday, Bob and I got to the boat at noon to prep for today's trip...task #1 - start the engines and take her for a quick shakedown ride. Problematic port engine starts right-up no problem, great. Turned the key on "Ol Reliable" Stb engine.....nothing...not even a "click" out of the solenoid. Ok...battery must be a bit low, put it on the charger for an hour just to make sure and without a doubt I was sure she would fire right up....turned the key and.....crickets. WTF!!! Needless to say we spent the rest of the day trying to troubleshoot, cleaning terminals, checking wires, etc., tried everything and still nothing. So as it sits now, all I can think is the starter or starter solenoid is shot. All the wiring is good and everything looks 100%. I have a back-up unit in my shop and will swap that one out this week with what I think is a bad one. When these things go they just go....nothing you can do about it. So once again, I am going to hope to be up and running by next weekend. Should have everything figured out by midweek and will post-up when I have the problem solved. Bottom line is its time for a new rig...something fast, heavy and reliable...and I already have her picked out, just need the cash to make it happen.


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