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Engine 95% Good - Might Do A Trip Sat July 22...

So I two bits of good news (finally)...first I got the pushrod in and it sounds 95% better - still a very slight tick but I think it just might be the valve re-seating itself. I might try to do something this Saturday if I can get enough interest, thinking of a nice day trip for Cod, Seabass and Fluke around the island. Anyone interested can shoot me an email or just call me direct. Right now the weather looks good and its long overdue...

Cod....Coxes is hot right now if your in the right place at the right time. Today's chatter on the dock was "slow fishing" but that was because of zero drift. New moon coming so I expect this to all change back to solid fishing in short order. Anyone intested in Sat "Shakedown Trip" let me know ASAP.


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