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Master electrician Ed Rooney spent a good chunk of time putting my shore power back together today and rewiring the old panel which was left a disaster. Another hurdle cleared and we are on our way...finally. On Sunday, Capt. Don Krajewa and I pulled the injectors on the port motor and got them tested this morning....4 bad and out of that one was "shot and unusable"...hoping we finally isolated our "problem child". A new water / fuel separator was also ordered today as the prior one developed a crack from being over tightened when the filter was changed. This is why its is just easier to do things yourself...assure the job is done right the first time. Hoping my buddy "Pedro" at Boston Fuel Injection can have the injectors back in my hands on Wednesday so Don and I can get them installed and tested. This will be the moment of truth and if everything goes well, we will have our first Cod trip very, very soon....maybe even this Sat or Sun???? We shall see....check back at the end of the week (Friday)...I will have something posted as soon as I know....lets keep our fingers crossed.

Fishing Report.....some good fishing off the beach for Fluke...although you better plan to catch lots of shorts before you hit a keeper. These regulations are complete bullshit but it is what it is. Hearing the Sea Bass are also starting to make a good showing which is also a good sign. Not one word on Cod...crickets. That's ok...good actually...all my spots should be chock full when I can finally get to them....hopefully soon...check back Friday


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