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The New Regs Our Out And Its Nothing Good....Still Tied To The Dock

The above pic is becoming an all too familiar sight, but I can only do so much when every free day I get to work on the boat it rains. It's depressing at this point...but I am hoping to start running trips as soon as I can figure out my port engine problem. Just need a couple days of good weather which should be here after this weekend washout.

So the RI DEM released the 2017 regs and it sucks...most notable, Fluke now have a bag limit of (4) @ 19"...translated, we will now have to cull through endless shorts to put a pathetic (4) fish catch together. On the cusp of "not worth it" status. Even worse, Black Sea Bass are still at 15" with a big bag limit of (3) fish till Sept 1st. Again, not worth it. These "fishcrats" are killing the business based on flawed science, pie-charts, graphs and bullshit. The regulate from their "desk" behind a computer screen and have no idea what is going out on the water. Last year the BSB were so thick we had trips we couldn't get our jigs past them...(3) fish bag limit till Sept 1st - what a joke!!! So on that note, I'm sticking to the Baccala till they take that away from us. Bag limit is still (10) at 22". That makes it worthwhile in my opinion and I know where they are pretty much year round although things are always changing. So that's the low-down for this week, more to come hopefully soon.

Oh....don't forget Mom this Sunday!


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