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Not A Great Start...

Still struggling at the dock...still have an engine problem on that portside motor and I am hoping to solve it this week. Then the boat needs a complete cleaning, bottom scraping and deck paint. Can't sail until everything is NEAT, CLEAN and ORGANIZED 100% to my standard. So this puts us about a month behind our normal start date of April 1st...oh well. Everyone else is also behind as well...the wet weather has really put us in a bind this year.

Fishing....crickets folks....Lady Frances got out over the weekend and burned a lot of fuel for nothing. Dismal catch from what I heard and I have to believe this is going to change as water temps approach 50...once we hit the 50 mark things should bust wide open. More to come and will post-up the first trip ASAP...believe me...I am dying to throw the damn lines.....


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