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Happy Easter...

The above pic shows one of many Brookies I caught this week in the cold water streams and kettle ponds of northern RI. What is more peaceful than being out in the woods alone, walking the banks of a clear, cold riverbed listening to the tall whispering Pines sing in the breeze? Its peaceful, tranquil and food for the soul...I have been doing this every April and every October since I was 6 years old thanks to my Grandfather and father. What great men....miss them both, but being out in the woods, fishing in the same places we did 40 years ago is like a reunion...and it never gets old.

On a MUCH different note....Bob and I are still struggling with than stinking port engine...still have a knock through all RPM ranges and can't seem to isolate it. Bob moved injectors all over the place but can't seem to pin down our problem. Provided the weather holds, we will be back at it this week. Hopefully we can solve our mystery soon so we can get fishing. The Frances had a decent Cod trip yesterday and that is very good news...lots of bait and a few nice fish boated. I already have my first trip planned - just need to get the hell off the dock. Will report more this week....Standby


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