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A New Season Begins...Finally

The above pic was snapped by Deborah the first time I stepped into the wheelhouse early March 2010, Freeport Long truly was a unique moment in life. The boat had been sitting for two years and it looked like it was ready to sink at the dock. There wasn't much too work with up on the enclosure, no "real" electronics...not even a damn compass....but something inside told me this was going to be the boat. Seven years later and I don't regret my decision for a minute, FV Codzilla has served me well and helped create many great memories for myself and so many others. The 2017 season is upon us and once again, I am very happy to say "lets roll"...

Next Saturday, April 1st was my initial target start date but after a little chat with "Fish Counter Bob" this morning, we are going to need a little more time to get the boat squared away. Nothing big, just the usual maintenance - but it has to get done as the boat has been sitting quietly all winter at the dock. I will post-up the first trip as soon as we get things set and of course, get a decent weather window...guess we can toss that old "out like a lamb" nonsense as it certainly didn't apply to this March.

The "Low Down"....according to the usual suspects down in the point, "fishing really sucks". Couple guys got off the dock yesterday and burned a ton of fuel for nothing - boat ride. Guess its better than sitting at the dock with cabin fever right? Oddly and according to my logbooks, we should be CRUSHING the Cod right now. Last year at this time (March 26 ironically - right from the log), the fleet clobbered them at the Gateway, epic fishing. Yesterday nobody could buy a bite. Every year is different so we shall see. Water temps are still real cold so that could have something to do with it. The good news is there are some solid reports of bait out on the grounds. I think all we need is a little patch of decent weather, some nice sunny days and things will turn-on like a light switch. I will be posting more reports as we get things rolling so keep an eye on the site if you want to secure a spot at the rail. The open boat trips fill-up fast and its "first come, first served", you guys know the drill. OK, enough talk. Time for Bob and I to roll-up the sleeves and whip things into shape so we can toss the lines ASAP. More this week....standby


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