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The Lambs Will Have To Wait For April....They're Not Going Out This March Apparently...WTF

Like most of you, I have completely "had-it" with winter. Enough of this BS and my goodness, do we all need a break or what? The wind machine has kept everyone at the dock for the most part, however, some guys did get out yesterday and it was lousy for the most part. One boat reported a "solid catch", but we all know who that is...the "Elizabeth Warren" of head-boats....yes, the "Pocahontas" of Codfishing...if the fishing sucks throughout the fleet, its sucks for everyone and I don't care how far you go east...what a crock of shit. So you got a few fish...and blow it up to be this big, monster haul - while all the other guys WAY BETTER THAN YOU BUDDY got next to nothing????...what a load of shit. Sorry guys...been doing this too long to know shit when I smell it. Codfishing is not like any other fishery...if it sucks in one sucks across the board. Have 35 years of logbooks and experience to prove it. Tired of BS artists cashing in on the public to make a buck. Never on my boat guys...will ALWAYS give you the true and honest report...the good, bad or the ugly!!! I am watching the weather like a Hawk and really want to start the 2017 season on April 1st....3 days after the new permitting....might also consider the 3 days prior....its all up to mother nature. My logbooks have noted that this is a prime-time Cod killing the spawn and on the feedbag....big time!!! Sick of being tied to the dock and need to cut loose....honestly, don't give a shit what we catch...need to get the salt air in my lungs and some blue water under the keel....enough of this winter BS...get ready guys. First come, first boat at $150 pp...same as last year for open boat (trying to keep things in check to help you guys out)...but private, six pack trips for full day Cod trips offshore (12+ hours) will be $1200 and will need a $300, non-refundable deposit for the date you want. Too much bullshit last year, guys booking dates and not showing-up at the dock....can't do this anymore. If you want to book a trip and run out to the Ledge, put some skin in the game and be a real man...I will REFUND OR RESCHEDULE 100% if the weather sucks and keeps us tied to the dock....but no show's will lose $300 and FCB and I will go to the Wheelhouse for Momosa'!!! Hope all you guys are well and ready for another season...its all good out on the water...cannot wait to toss the lines very soon!!!! The season is almost here.....Standby


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