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A New Truck For The Captain...

Took a ride to NH over the weekend to pick-up a long overdue Dodge Ram truck that I have needed badly for work and fishing. The Hummer has served me well for 10 years and with almost 300k miles, I have nothing but good things to say. If you change the oil every 3k with good synthetic oil (Mobile 1) you can expect to hit 500k+. So the truck is a 2003 and it came up from Florida with ZERO rust and in just about mint condition. I will never buy another used car or truck from New England....rot boxes. This truck has 130k miles and still runs and drives like it came out of the showroom....not a rattle, squeak or as hell Hemi (so I can get down to the boat quicker this season) and actually gets 22 mpg on the highway and 17 mpg around town - same as the Hummer with about 200 more HP!!! Rod rack going in sometime next week (so I can transport my bigger shark gear when needed) and I am going to purchase a nice big cooler for transporting fresh shell bait. Everything is going to be done right and will suit us all well this upcoming Cod season...

Speaking of which..."The Scoop"....very quiet lately as mother nature has been blowing heartily for nearly a week...wind speeds last Friday actually exceeded 50!!! So March has come-in like a "Lion"...hopefully if it decides to go out like a "Lamb" we can start to run some trips earlier than my planned start date of sometime in early April. As far as fishing goes, The Lady Frances and Viking did get off the dock today (beautiful conditions btw) but the fishing was "mediocre" at best...a good start from what I heard to a tough grind by noon. Oh well...its better than sitting at home....right? Even just to get out on the water and get some sunshine & smell the salt air...sometimes its not all about the fishing - good or bad....its the experience. Personally, I am very excited about the upcoming season and I am expecting great things for me, my crew and all of you. Its going to be fun and its right around the corner....get your rods and gear ready!!! Big winds the rest of this week right into the weekend...more to come next week.


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