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Some Signs Of Spring...

The above pic was taken at a place called "Pulaski Park" on the border of northern RI & CT. It truly is a beautiful place to enjoy a walk or a little Trout fishing in the spring. Speaking of which...some nice weather here the last few days and it looks like we are going to hopefully turn the corner here pretty soon.

The "scoop"....looks like the fishing continues to be very "up and down". My sources tell me that the bite was pretty solid over last weekend, but the past few days its been tough to put a solid catch together. Some boats always do a little better than others, but the bottom line is finding the fish and being there when they want to chew. A few boats were able to drift the past few days (my preferred method), but the bigger fish always seem to be caught on the hook via a steady stream of snot & shells. Cod have a strong sense of smell and the old tried and true method of chumming never seems to fail at this time of year. As we get past the winter spawning months and enter the spring, motor drifting with jigs and a teaser 18" up is the way to go. I have extensive logbooks documenting this and I'm not sure why, however, all future trips will have a couple bushels of fresh clams on board - just in case. More next week....


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