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Work, Work, Work....

The pic above has nothing to do with fishing - but it is funny.

Been very busy this past week with my "real job" as I am now entering my busy season in the shop (Feb - April). Unfortunately, its going to affect the number of trips I can make the next few weeks but I will be sneaking in a trip here and there when its "bluebird" and worthy of playing hooky. Sometime during the course of this season, I am hoping to see if I can get a relief captain to help me out on the days I can't fish due to work commitments. The last three days were real good weather wise and I feel bad that I missed out on a great bite, but this is the dilemma that one faces when you operate two businesses...

Fishing....even when I am not out on the water, I will still be posting updates, reports and anything fishing related at least once a week. I do know the Lady Frances has been out on the grounds a couple times this week and from what I heard, the fishing is "red-hot", in fact, my good buddy Elliot told me yesterday's trip was a "slammer" - he had over 20 nice fish!!! Both clams and jigs caught well but the snot had the edge. From what I was told today, it was another slammer and the Island Current, Lady Frances and Viking all made out real good. Tomorrow's weather looks pretty good for the head boat fleet, but there is a small craft advisory up with 25 knots of NW wind forecasted...if you have a smaller vessel and plan to fish tomorrow you might want to rethink your strategy or risk paying the fiddler on the ride in. Don't be fooled by the wave heights in any given forecast...its the wind speed / direction and wave frequency that you have to watch. If you do have a small vessel and plan to go tomorrow, be smart and be safe....know your limitations.

Superbowl....everyone up here in New England is pumped and Brady, Belichick & the boys are ready to go. Brady has been here many times and like the old saying goes "There's no substitute for experience". That being said, Atlanta is very explosive on offence and no joke defensively. If they play like they did against the Pack its going to be tough. Either way I believe going to be an awesome game and I do think its going to be won on a 4 quarter or OT field goal. Pats by 3...enjoy the game!!! More to come next week...standby


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