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"Grand-slam" Cod Fishing Continues...

August 31, 2016

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Winter Doldrums....

January 27, 2017


My apologies for not posting anything in the past few days but there's not to much to talk about other than Trump kicking-ass and taking numbers as he drains the swamp of all swamps in DC. Trump has done more this past week than the "other guy" (sorry I refuse to ever even say the SOB's name again) did in eight years...what a legacy of destruction this man and "Crooked Hillary" left behind...both should both be arrested for treason and locked-up, period, end of story.  


Weather....well what can I say, its January and we live in New England.  Lucky to get in 2 trips a month at this time of year when you have a small boat...the wind is relentless and wicked.  So this upcoming weekend is a blowout and I have no idea (nor does Mr. Weatherman) know what next week brings.  The good news is the days are starting to get longer and perhaps February will be a bit more cooperative...we shall see.  So enjoy your fireplace, honey-to-do-list and perhaps another great Superbowl game next weekend...two very good teams and it will be won on a field goal...by the Pats.  More to come over the weekend....standby







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May 18, 2020

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