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Some Good News...Finally

Well we lost out on a few trips, but the fishing was lousy for the most part the last few days and I am glad I didn't take anyone for a fish-less boat ride. I realize its called "fishing", not "catching" but I prefer "catching" and it bothers the shit out of me when its not the latter of the two. Winter Cod fishing when these fish are on the spawn is really "hit or miss" and its frustrating for a captain who takes it personally when the fish don't guys pay good money to be on my deck and believe me...I do everything I can to make your trip fun and memorable...I hate it when the bite is off, especially when I am marking like a SOB and the fish won't touch a jig or fresh clam...I'm still pissed about the last trip and need to fill the cooler to erase that one....again, its personal for me...OK, enough bitching!!!

So the good news....Bob and I took a long ride to look at our potential new boat. Its really a beast and built like a "brick shit-house"...even Bob was impressed. It does need some work including a new stern deck (soft), electronics upgrade (ancient) and a complete galley (non-existent)...but its all minor shit. The 500 HP Detroit will change everything in terms of getting to the grounds "FAST" and she can sail in all kinds of weather...even when SCA's are up, we will be able to make the run on most days vs being tied to the dock like we are now. The ol' "FV Codzilla" served a great purpose and we took her far above and beyond what she was ever meant to do...but its time. We need a big, fast, nasty rig that can increase our capacity and days at sea...perhaps this boat will serve that purpose if we can negotiate a reasonable and affordable price...we shall see. Pics above this report of Bob and I having a great time inspecting our potential new "FV Codzilla II" today under "Blue-bird" conditions...not a puff of wind in the late AM...55 deg JANUARY!!! Wow....btw, check out that massive spray rail on the bow...Peter Legnos builds one hell of a boat...more details soon....

FV after our road trip Bob went down to the boat and installed the new turn of the key confirmed all is good and we are ready to noises, no nothing. We have fuel, fresh shell bait and we want to get out there ASAP to fill the coolers. Also bought a few 16 & 20 oz Lav Jigs just to have on hand if necessary....and...most importantly, now have a proper anchoring system ready to roll. I have always traditionally been a big fan of "motor" drift jigging Cod....and always got my fair share this way...always hated being on the hook, but in the winter...its a different animal. Have to be able to anchor and CHUM like a madman at times to get the bite "jump started"...we are now ready. Its a learning curve guys....and I will ALWAYS put my best foot forward...great things coming in 2017 and all of you are part of something really special....old school....100% dedicated to year round Codfishing it was in the good ol' days. More to come this week...will be posting up some trips once we get past the big time weather coming through this week....standby


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