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Tough Weekend....

Out of the (3) trips scheduled for this past weekend, we were only able to get in the first one on Saturday...and it was a struggle all day. We sampled every tried & true drop in the book and ran all over the Ledge burning a ton of fuel but it wasn't meant to be. Marked fish in some spots stacked-up 20 feet off the bottom like chord wood - threw both clams & jigs at them but they wanted nothing to do with our offerings. Mr. Weatherman also had a tough day and blew the AM forecast "Big Time" as we surfed downhill in a following sea all morning - lots of fun. To rough to drop the hook in the AM so we had to motor drift with the sock out and with that, we slowed down to .5 knots and were able to cover plenty of real-estate. The "Friends That Fish" group put in a very solid effort but the bite just never materialized. Still, great food and plenty of laughs were had by all and the weather for the ride in was spectacular. Really enjoy fishing with these guys and wish I could have put a better catch together for them...

The final disappointment of the day didn't come till the trip was over. As I swung the stern into the dock I could hear the port exhaust singing a note I was unfamiliar with so Bob and I pulled the hatch and heard a very noticeable rapping noise coming from cylinder #2...not good and had to immediately cancel the whole weekend which was a big letdown considering the nice weather. Yesterday we pulled out the toolbox and discovered we had a fouled injector. The spare I had on board was not a perfect match so that's as far as we got. I should have the new injector in by Friday and we are hoping that the bad injector was the root cause of our problem. Of course it could be several other things but we are really hoping for a hall pass on this one, we shall see. With that being said, I am hoping to do something over the weekend if we can get back up and running 100%. Unfortunately I won't know anything till we get that new injector in and do a test run. Aside from all that, one positive is the new inverter worked great keeping the cabin warm and coffee hot all day long...more to come later in the week, standby...


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