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Marine Fabrication & Repair...

Posting this for my "Friends That Fish" website...and anyone else who needs a custom part fabricated from scratch with no prints, no nothing...just need a broken part or something scratched out on a napkin and we can make it or fix it. FC Bob and I have many years of experience in the engine room and know our way around gas and diesel engines. We can also troubleshoot electrical problems, fix / repack stuffing boxes, repair running gear, leaks, blisters, transmission problems and just about anything else....enclosed are some pics from our recent raw water exhaust fab on Codzilla's port engine...check out these welds...100% reproduction of the Perkins part at half the cost...all fabricated from 316 SS....properly back purged and welded with SS rod and my custom argon/hydrogen blended gas...and the results in the above pics speak for themselves...

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