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Sun & Mon Sold Out....

The above pic was taken way back in 2010 around was a gorgeous day to be on the water and I should have been fishing, also, notice no electronics! The boat had nothing but a compass when I first brought her up from Freeport, LI. - she was formerly known as "The Aquaholic"....funny and fitting for sure.

The weather models have changed slightly but its still looking real good for Sun & Mon. Saturday looks suspect right now as they have shifted the SCA up to late Friday evening....translated, it will more than likely extend into Saturday late morning till the wind drops out and turns SW. Remember, its still only Thursday and this weather can change on a dime at this time of lets just keep an eye on things and hope everything holds.

Sun & Mon are sold out, if we cannot fish Saturday due to weather or a lack of interest, perhaps maybe do something on Tuesday depending on the results from our first two trips (and of course if we can get more bait). Good news is that I did secure 200 lbs of fresh shell bait today and hoping to gather up another 100 lbs tomorrow. Real tough to get this year but if your a crackpot like me and willing to call 25 different suppliers all afternoon, sometimes you get lucky. Here's the funny thing....these guys act like your BOTHERING them on the phone!!! And WE'RE the customer!!! Always had a problem with lousy customer service....

So that's the update for tonight, keep your fingers crossed and lets see if Mr. Weatherman keeps his promises for the weekend. If anyone has interest in a Sat (several spots open, but very iffy right now) or Tue trip let me know so I can make tentative plans for fuel, bait & ice. More tomorrow, standby...


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