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Watching For The Weekend.....

The above pic shows just how evil the weather can get in our neck of the woods at this time of the year...a big winter Noreaster can render you blind with driving snow coming down sideways and punish you with a NE wind against tide condition that will stack seas up to a point that you will become a religious man very quickly...ask me how I know this! Thankfully, I am a God fearing man and always keep our trips in prayer before departure...always a good thing to have the "Big Man" shining down on us...

Just getting in the early weekend forecast from NWS, NOAA, Bouyweather and all the other sites I monitor closely before I plan a winter trip...have to...its critical to get it right so I can take you guys out for a day of enjoyment vs getting your teeth kicked in. Winter is no joke SE of Block and when Mr. Weatherman gets it wrong the end result is a scary trip with steep waves at very short intervals..something I do my best to avoid. The goal is to have fun, catch a cooler of fish and enjoy some great food, drink and laughs... That being said, this weekend might be a great opportunity to put some meat on the deck "if" the weather holds and "if" we can get everything finished-up in the cabin. Bob and I are in the middle of trying to finish up many open projects and I am not sure if we will be 100% ready for the weekend (by Saturday anyway). The cabin is a work in progress and we just added a bunch of good stuff, but getting everything set-up correctly takes time. Can't go out there in January without heat, hot coffee or a functional microwave. I will keep an eye on the weather to see if we can put something together. Sunday I have a reserved private charter, but Saturday -or- Monday might present an opportunity to do an open boat trip ...we're a long way out and I will know much more by Thursday. By then the forecast will probably change 20+

times - that's winter fishing in New England, standby...


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