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Hoping For A Break In This Nasty Weather Pattern & The Update....

Well we got slapped pretty good by mother nature Saturday the white stuff, so beautiful coming down...but boy what a mess it makes!!! Took an hour to clear the stern this morning but thankfully, the wind subsided and the bright sunshine made it a pleasant experience. Winter in Galilee is a very special tourist, no people and very, very quiet...all you really hear is the occasional "clinking" of the sole sailboat's hardware (down at the end of the dock) as it contacts the vessels aluminum mast. Aside from that, a few screaming seagulls rejoicing over a meal and a diesel engine or two coming down the fairway heading for the dock (mainly the lobster fleet)...its really great and my favorite time to be down here...its the most peaceful place on earth. So today I really took it all in and enjoyed the day....what a great way to start out 2017.

The Update....FC Bob has outdone himself and did a TON OF WORK since our last trip. So here's the list of upgrades...

* New High Power Inverter (will now allow us to run 2 cabin heaters, coffee pot and microwave all at the same time out at sea)!!!

* New Deck Pump

* New Microwave

* (2) New Cabin Heaters Installed Professionally Right Into The Existing Bench Seat In The Cabin

* New Shore Power Outlet Installed * (2) New Shore Power Cables

* (2) New GFI Outlets Installed In The Cabin

* Cabin Table Removed Along With Bathroom And Forward Cabin Doors...Allowing Easy Movement

Below With Full Oilers....

* Center "Grab Rail" Installed In Main Cabin To Make For

Easy Transition To Stern...

Wow...lots of items and I am sure that I missing a thing or two. Bottom line, we are really putting our best foot forward to make fishing in the winter a positive experience without freezing your butt off all day!!!

Fishing Report....Only a few boats got out yesterday and the ones that did payed dearly for it. Mother nature at this time of year is highly unpredictable and often makes the NWS, NOAA & the local weatherman look like fools. So yesterday's gale came in much faster than predicted and left one very well known head boat in blizzard conditions coming in at night with 40 knots of wind and 10 foot seas at 4 second visibility and everything icing up on deck....scary shit. The bite was way off and despite a valiant effort, nobody did well on the SE BI grounds yesterday. Not surprised...when these fish are spawning, its a roll of the dice, some days are savage - others are a complete miss. Doesn't matter how many times you move the boat or change tactics...when the Cod have lockjaw they don't eat and like the old saying goes..."it is what it is"!!! So lets just hope as we approach the full moon this upcoming weekend, both Mother Nature & the "Winter King" cooperate so we can sneak in trip or two. Watching for the end of the week, but as all of you guys know, it really comes down to the last 10 hours before a trip to know if we can make the run or not. At this time of year your safety is my top priority....check back midweek and lets hope and pray for a little window so we can fill those coolers...


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