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Happy New Year....

Just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year. So is it me or did 2016 "fly" by in a flash? Had some great trips and hope to do even better this season. One thing is for sure, every season is different and I always learn something new in my pursuit of "The Winter King". No doubt there are more fish around than years past, in fact, finding them was never a problem this past season - being there when they wanted to chew was another story and really the biggest challenge. The last trip was perhaps the best example of under the boat at every drop, but only wanted to chew from 9:30 - 11:45 AM and it was over. Those late morning tide changes are often the culprit and nothing shuts the bite down faster than slack water. Since the fish are now entering the spawning season, that presents another challenge to these winter trips and of course, lets not forget good ol Mother Nature, which by the way, will keep most of the fleet tied to the dock all week. January is a tough month, big time wind for days on end with fast moving we will have to expect many blown out trips for the small boat fleet. Not a surprise and almost a duplicate of last winter. However, I do expect to get a couple of Bluebird days which we can hopefully throw the lines and put a few fish in the box. These trips will typically be on short notice so if you see a stretch of good weather coming make sure to check back here for a possible trip posting. Oh...some good news, picked-up a new inverter on Thursday and Bob installed it yesterday. So next trip we will have heat, hot coffee and hopefully a microwave for you guys to enjoy. Its a process and I will always try to make it better for everyone in 2017. God Bless, Happy New Year and thanks for being such a great group of customers / friends. Catch'em Up!!!


PS - Some pic highlights showcasing some of the trips from this past season...

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