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Thumbs Down For Tomorrow...

The ominous picture above says it all. At the BI buoy sea's are cresting at 12' as of this posting...needless to say tomorrow's trip is not going to happen. Right behind this blow is another one on its way to ruin the end of the week and weekend...welcome to winter I suppose. Almost textbook of last year...made it up to Christmas them we got slammed. This year may yield even more wind due to the relatively warm water temps (still in the 50's heading into January!!!). Winter is tough when your running a small vessel and from here on out I gather it's going to be slim pickings in terms of trips. Nobody loves to fish the block for winter Cod more than "yours truly" but I have learned from past seasons it can cost you "big time" if Mr. Weatherman gets it wrong. At this time of the year, it just seems to come-on real fast and furious so the timing of any trip becomes real important...especially when you only have 10 kts of speed to get back to port!!!

With that being said...I will be looking for small weather windows to schedule trips around. Nice days only with light and variable winds less than 15 kts and calm seas 1-3'. Sounds like a "pipe dream" for this time of year, but we do get them. Going out in 20+ kts of wind and 6' seas are just not appealing to me anymore as I get older and wiser, besides, who the hell wants to get beat to shit fishing in that crap? It would be another story if I had a big, fast heavy downeast rig with 20 knot capability and a full keel...and I am hoping for that upgrade at some point, but its not happening right now so I have to be smart and make due with the ol "Codzilla" for the time being. The good news is Bob is working on the boat just about everyday fixing things and rearranging the cabin so we can be more comfortable and warm on the upcoming trips. New inverter goes in tomorrow along with some other long overdue goodies. I wish everyone a Happy New Year and will resume the updates next week after these systems pass by and seas subside a bit...enjoy the holiday and be smart, be safe....


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