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Yesterday' Trip Report

Had a decent trip on Tuesday, not over the top, but decent. Odog Fishing Club members Mike (NY), Mark (MA), Andy (CT), Capt. Carl (NY) and my buddy Ron (CT) all boxed a few nice fish and at the end of the day, Fishcounter Bob tallied 38 Cod and a few other cellar dwellers. Despite marking like hell at just about every drop surveyed, the bite was on in only one small zone. When it died out around noon I went exploring and had more fish under the boat than I have seen in many, many trips....wouldn't even take a sniff...jigs, clams or otherwise...on the spawn and only wanted to get laid...could't believe what I was seeing on the screen...and....nothing, zero, nada, zilch...not even a tap!!!!! Very frustrating!!! Going to pick-up some big treble snagging gear this week (just kidding)!!! Lots of Brown Gold out on the grounds, just have to be in the right place at the right time to cash in. Great group of master rod handlers on board today and kudos to Capt. Carl for the early morning tip that led to our to give credit where credit is due...Thanks again Capt Carl (Also known as "Field Tester")!!! Watching the weather closely and "might" do something on Friday, but unlikely unless the weather report is perfect. I have to admit, NWS got it spot-on yesterday and when the wind turned south in the late AM to ocean turned into a mill pond and it was gorgeous out on the grounds. Big fleet out there for a weekday, but that is to be expected when the Winter King shows up on the grounds. So I will keep an eye on Friday but its unlikely...still have to do my Christmas shopping!!! Oh boy...


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