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Tuesday's Trip Sold Out....

Tuesday's trip sold out before I even formally announced we were having a trip...lets hope the forecast holds up for Ron, Andy, and Mikes gang (Odog Fishing). As of right now its looking real nice but we all know how fast that can change at this time of year. Went down to check the boat this afternoon and down by the beach it was "wicked"...huge ground swell with chop and all the nuts were out there surfing. Sighted only one dragger working the pier and they were bouncing around like a thanks. So everything is a go for Tuesday, Bob will be on his way in the AM and then all we need is fresh shell bait and groceries. Hopefully the guys up in the bay did some digging today....look for a report and update on Wednesday night...and don't forget the Pats game at Mile High starting at 4:30 PM today.


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