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Sunday's Trip Report & The Update...

An interesting day for sure....started out where I left off on Monday - a new drop with big hopes, crushed them there on Monday....but not today. Zero, zilch, nada in the early AM....frustrating way to start a trip. So off we go...hit every spot on the SE corner of BI and even spent some time in the "Fleet" south of Block. Nothing on the first drop so off to another well known spot...and even before I could pull the sticks back my worst nightmare....a huge partially submerged tree appears in front of me with zero warning...thankfully, I spotted the SOB just in time and was able to throw it out of gear and we just grazed the big tree with zero damage....thank you good Lord above!!! After that glancing blow I was all set and ready to kill some fish. Went far east of the fleet and set-up shop on some old school bottom passed down from a fabled captain in the point...nope, you won't find this one on your Capt. Seagull has no pink outlines or anything else that would make anyone take a second look, its just plain old open bottom without rocks, humps or anything else that normally attracts fish...and today it saved the trip. First drift took 5 nice fish and did a repeat 20 more times...filled the box and then some. Nothing huge, but very respectable. Felt bad I couldn't put a 50 lb birthday Cod in the boat for my good friend Elliot (hope you enjoyed your birthday anyway) but that's fishing. Elliot, Lou and Nick from Ct had a good trip with plenty of Cod, Seabass and Scallops wrapped in Bacon with a touch of maple-syrup Robert "Zorro" Krause from MA also had a good day and boxed several nice sized Cod. Aside from some great food and fishing, the weather was about as good as it gets. It was relatively warm, zero wind and the sea's were flat calm. Kudos to Fishcounter Bob, another great job on the deck today (and in the galley!!!) Might consider doing another trip on Wednesday, the rest of the week looks pretty nautical so I will more than likely stay tied to the dock. If we do a trip on Wed it will be on very, very short notice so check back tomorrow.


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