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Sunday's Trip & The Update...

My apologies for not getting this up yesterday, been very busy in the shop and have a lot going-on with the holidays right around the we all do. Sunday's trip is sold out but I am watching and hoping to get another trip in midweek (Wednesday?) if mother nature allows. Water temps are falling slowly, but falling no less which is good and the Cod are starting to show in better numbers. The boats that got out there this past Wednesday clobbered fish all over the place from BI to the Ledge. The draggers are pounding the shoreline so we know the Herring are here in full force. Now its just a matter of getting out there and seeing what the Cod want to eat...iron or snot, either way - we will be ready. Bob and I have a new supplier of fresh shell bait and we plan to have a couple fresh bushels on board every trip, even though the cost is outrageous. I remember when I used to get a bushel for $10...boy are those days over! Can't bitch too much, lucky I can even get them right now...big time shortage of clams this winter, hence the price increase (assume the position, right). So the report for Sunday will be up sometime on Monday along with trip status for midweek and perhaps next weekend...again it all depends on whether mother nature will give us a hall pass or not. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend....


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