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Sunday Dec 4th & The Update....

Hoping to make a trip this Sunday, December 4th. We have some pretty sporty weather coming through but by Sunday, it should lay down enough for us to throw the lines. Water is still relatively warm at 56 deg F....but it seems to be falling slowly every week. The dragger fleet has been working the beach all week so that tells me the bait is starting to show-up on the grounds...a good sign. If this is the case, it will more than likely be an all jig bite if we can get them past the Seabass which are still thick on the grounds. Not a bad thing, but will have to take that into consideration on trips at this time of year. You guys all know I will work my ass off and run the boat everywhere for Cod, but its not easy for them to get to the jigs first when the grounds are totally overrun. We'll deal with it and thankfully the Seabass are great table fare and fight like hell. The target is Cod but we have to run the next few trips as "mixed bag". So Sunday will be the next tentative date, have room for four as of this posting. Will plan to throw the lines at 6 AM returning to port by no later than 4 PM. Fish-counter Bob will have hot coffee and fresh breakfast sandwiches ready for the ride out...perhaps some kind of chowda for lunch, and will professionally clean and package all the fish. All this and lots of laughs for $150pp, maximum of four anglers. All bait and tackle, text or email me if your interested in reserving a spot at the rail for this trip.

The update...finally did it thanks to Cyber Monday...despite the great deals and free shipping, I still had to fork it over for my brand new Viking, six person life raft. Not second hand, not CL or Fleabay junk...too important of a purchase and I did it right. Brand new with a three year warranty. Spent lots of time doing my homework and I feel like this raft is the best overall value for the money. It fits our needs perfectly on FV Codzilla and allows us that additional measure of safety that is so very important at this time of year as we enter into the winter Cod season. So kudos to having peace of mind while take a Cod trip in Dec, Jan & Feb!!! Still have six survival suits on board in addition to the Jim Bouy raft in the bridge...all functional and in good condition, but nothing takes the place of an inflatable raft when you need it...

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