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This Upcoming Week....

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving...I overdid it as usual and paid for it dearly. Very thankful for Tums... There was zero chance of me getting out their on Friday, but today I should have tossed the lines....gorgeous weather and polar opposite of what was forecast on Thanksgiving Eve...oh well. Got the pool covered and all the summer patio furniture put away - finally. Bullshit chores aside and with the water temps starting to fall slowly, I am sure it would have been somewhat similar to the last trip with maybe a few more Cod in the mix. The other good news is that some bait is starting to show on the grounds - very important....get your jigs ready. I will be on the boat tomorrow setting gear and getting ready for the next trip. Looks like we're going to have some weather through mid-week then its anyone's guess. Going to hope for a trip next weekend so we'll play it by ear and keep an eye on the sky. Check back midweek...


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