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Happy Thanksgiving and The Update....

Wishing all my great customers and friends a Happy of my favorite holidays - what could possibly be better than family, great food & drink...and of course - FOOTBALL!!! Great day to just kick back, share some laughs and break every rule in the "eating healthy playbook". If that wasn't much to be thankful for and I could go on for hours. Bottom line, just really wanted to let everyone who has fished with me this past year know how much I appreciate your business and friendship....every trip is more than just a fishing trip to me, its you trusting me with your hard earned money and I take it very seriously. Nobody hates a bogus trip more than me and I will always to my best to get things dialed-in. Bob has redone the galley and we are trying to make it the best day trip you can take for the money with fresh hot coffee, breakfast and more. In terms of a mate - "Fish Counter Bob" is the best and I know he is going to be a big part of our success as we continue to work at making things better for our customers...its a process and Bob and I are committed to excellence....

The looks crappy with rain and wind all weekend. Worse than that are the water temps...with all that NE wind the past week one would think it would have dropped 5+ degrees....nope 57.7 at the BI Bouy as of this posting. Until it gets into the 52 deg range and under, those Cod up in the Nantucket Shoals are going to sit still. Once the water temps drop, I do believe - based on scientific data taken over the last 20 years - that those fish will start to come down in small schools. Another very important factor will be the arrival of Herring, Macks and bunker on the feed = no fish. That is why we saw such an epic winter run in 2011 and the following years were just "so-so"....bottom line, we need a good shot of cold water and a couple big schools of feed - once that is in place its a sure bet the "Winter King" will not be far behind. Keep an eye on the site and when I do decide on the next trip it will be posted. Also, at this time of year, the weather windows are very small, therefore when I do post a trip its usually within 24 hours of throwing the lines so check back frequently. God bless everyone and enjoy your Turkey Day....


and I always try to

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