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Need One More For Friday...

Have three signed-up for Friday, need one more to make it a trip. Go ahead and give yourself a well earned day in sick, cancel that meeting and put the honey-to-do list aside. Fish Counter Bob will have hot coffee and breakfast sandwiches cooked fresh for the ride out. The forecast is holding steady and it looks pretty good. Saturday at this point is questionable...NE winds will set the stage for a big low to come through on Sunday with seas forecast 6-12'...big, nasty slop, no thanks. As far as the game plan goes for Friday, I would like to make a run to the ledge and fish some humps and bumps now that we are past the super-moon and insane tides. With that big low sitting right on our doorstep I think we might have a good chance at bagging a few nice fish. That is if we can get our jigs past the Seabass and Platter-sized Scup. Water temps only dropped one degree from last trip which is surprising for this time of year but we'll make due. Call, txt or email me anytime if you want to jump-on Friday. Thanks!


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