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No Trip Tomorrow, Sun Nov 12th...

Just spent a few minutes checking all my forecast sites and tomorrow is out. Gust up to 25 kts with 4 - 6' thanks. I had a feeling about this last night as I listened to my wind chimes on the porch practically fly away. Its just that time of year when things start to really blow and the weather windows become fewer and smaller as winter approaches. Oddly, the water temps on the grounds are holding steady at 60-61 deg. This will keep the Seabass around longer and delay the Cod run...oh well, it could be worse, at least Seabass fight like hell and make for great table fare. I will keep an eye on the weather and perhaps we can sneak something in next week. Fishing aside, at least there is some good football tomorrow...Dallas at Pittsburgh (4:30 PM) then Seattle will be in town to face the Pats at 8:30 PM...should be good one. Till next week...


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