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Some Post Election Thoughts & The Update...

Well....all I can say is "Thank God". Most of you know I am a big Trump supporter and I have no tolerance for "political correctness", obummer and the whole "swamp" in DC...its time to flush the establishment, both Democrats & Republicans down the crapper. They sold us out folks, taxed the shit out of us, shipped our jobs & wealth to foreign lands, flooded our streets with illegals, stuck us with a shitty healthcare system and then FINED us if we couldn't afford it or even wanted it...and I'm in that club. Real fun having no healthcare, especially when you need to see a dentist...pulled a molar out last month with a pair of pliers and few shots of whiskey...while my illegal neighbors get full coverage and everything else for FREE. This change was way overdue and the long forgotten, angry middle class spoke on election night. We all knew...but the lame-stream media and everyone else missed it and never saw it coming. This election will go down as the biggest "Fuck You" in the history of this country...and I am proud to say I did my part. Trump is going to flip the apple-cart over in DC and reset the table for AMERICANS FIRST, as it always should be. This is our country - we the people - not the government. No matter what side of the isle you stand on, give Trump a chance and watch what is going to happen. My money is on him, I'm all in folks...he really is going to "Make America Great Again"!

As for obummer...nobody is more happy to see him pack his bags, in fact I saw something in my travels that I am planning to send him as a going away present...see the pic above for a good laugh!!!

The Update....watching for Sunday but we have a very big Arctic cold front coming by late Friday into Saturday and it's going to blow gale force according to NWS. Got wet enough last trip and don't want a repeat of that. If we do get off the dock, its going to be more of a Sea Bass trip, although I will be hitting all my inshore Cod drops. There are just so many Sea Bass out there its almost hard to get by them right now. Truthfully, I hope it blows hard all weekend so we can start to see those water temps drop. We are about a month behind where we should be right now and when looking back at last years logs, the Sea Bass were around, but not like this. Much more Cod around last November as the water temps were much cooler. Need it to drop so these fish can start filtering in from Nantucket Shoals and Georges West Bank. So that's the update, if I do run a trip on Sunday, I will have something posted by early Saturday or as soon as I get the updated forecast....standby.

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