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Nov 5th Trip Report...The "Trifecta" Run....

Yesterday we steamed 70+ nautical miles in search of some "Brown Gold"...and we did find "some" but not up to my usual high standard. However, we did find plenty of "Black Gold" and filled both coolers to the top with some of the biggest knot head Seabass I have ever seen...and in record numbers with double headers being the norm all day. My original plan to fish the SE corner of Block Island was a good one and despite a 10:1 ratio of Seabass to Cod, we still put some nice ones in the cooler. Thinking I could do better at the ledge, I decided to abort the original plan and headed east. We started on the SW Corner and hit several drops with basically the same outcome, only now it was a 15:1 Seabass to Cod ratio. Red hot action, but not what we were hoping for. In a desperate last ditch effort, I decide to steam another 6 NM east to the SE Corner - my old standby. Unfortunately, the Seabass were so thick jigs wouldn't even hit bottom before they were gobbled-up. Overall it was still a great trip....13 nice Cod and a full boat limit of Seabass. The "unmentionables" were worth a mention, but since we primarily fish jigs, they weren't too much of a problem. Today's crew was about as good as it gets...Ron (CT), Elliot (CT), "Zorro" Rob Krause (MA) and of course the infamous "Fish Counter Bob" (ME)....all top-shelf rod handlers and master jig fisherman. Two minor tangles all day and the fish had no chance with these guys...just wish I could have put them on more Cod but that's fishing. Special kudos to Fish Counter Bob who rebuilt the galley and had fresh coffee and breakfast sandwiches ready for the ride out...something we are planning to do on all trips going forward. At 2:30 PM I had to pull the plug as the wind starting gusting up around 30 kts with a building sea state...nothing really out of the ordinary but not real fun to plow through - especially when you have an open bridge like mine. So I took a nice 3 hour bath on the way in and Bob cut fish sitting on a cooler since you couldn't stand on deck...a minor butt kicking ride but have been through much, much worse (July 8th trip). Took a little footage before we hit the real rough stuff (didn't want to see my phone get washed over the side) on the Youtube link below for a few laughs and check back midweek to see what is coming for next weekend....



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