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Vacation For Me This Weekend...

Voltech's spent a couple days sorting through our electrical problem and solved it yesterday. It was just a minor problem with our starboard alternator and it was replaced. Had a couple other issues with old wiring on the AC, shore power side that also needed some attention....all fixed. Fish Counter Bob has spent endless hours staining the cabin and has redone the galley "soup to nuts"...the old girl is looking the best it ever has and makes it hard to want to sell her...thousands invested and whoever gets "FV Codzilla" will be getting one hell of a boat!!! Going to let Bob finish everything up and put his personal touches on the galley before our next trip which I am hoping will be sometime late next week. I am going on vacation this upcoming weekend with Deborah to Newburyport, of my favorite places on the planet! Great little seaside port up on the north coast of Massachusetts. Just a short stay, Friday till Sunday...but really need a rest. Next week, after Bob has the galley 100%, I will be watching the weather and hope to get a Cod trip in sometime at the end of the week or weekend. Going to watch the weather and see what kind of intel I can dig-up from friends...hasn't been too good lately and with the water all stirred-up its going to take a few days just for it to settle down and clear-up. Also hoping for the water temps to start dropping....still holding in the 60's which is very warm for this time of year. I expect once the water temps start to fall into the 50's, the biological clock of the offshore Cod will kick-start and we will start to see the first waves of the "Winter King" filter in from Coxes and Nantucket Shoals to the backside of the island. I have the grounds mapped out pretty good on the SE corner and when the fish arrive, I will be there waiting for them. Its all timing and its crucial for me to be positive they are there before I start running trips...otherwise its a boat ride and everyone knows how I feel about that. So be patient and let me keep my ear to the ground...more information when I get back from vacation. Enclosed are a few pics from our last trip to Newburyport...two years ago, including a pic of one of my all-time favorite party boats, the "Challenger" of the Clipper Fleet, no longer running trips out of Newburyport and has sold off his entire fleet after the new Cod regulations went into effect last season, essentially putting them out of business. Another tragedy directly attributed to our lame, pathetic, despicable, left-wing wacko, Hillary Clinton / Nobama loving, CORRUPT, feckless, gutless, sell-out's who are still in power...but not for long folks!!!! Sad...the Clipper Fleet was one of the best mom and pop operations in this neck of the woods....for many, many, many gone.

Two pirates above....who BOTH HATE!!!!


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