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No Trips This Weekend....

This weekend's weather forecast looks sloppy so I am definitely going to sit this one out. Besides, the talk on the dock regarding Codfishing is pretty bleak at the moment. Keep in mind, the water temps are still real high for this time of year and that alone screws everything up. Hopefully those temps will go down soon as we enter November and start to cause some fish to filter-in to SE Block from Coxes and the Nantucket Shoals. Guess its going to be a "wait and see" situation this fall. Last fall, the Cod showed-up almost like clockwork and it was epic right up to Christmas. Hopefully we can put a trip together for next weekend...

FV Codzilla...put her on CL this week and will be listing her on "Boattrader" soon. Got a few calls but it is going to be a process no doubt. Anyone interested in having a look at her can call, txt or email me anytime. The boat is in the water and ready to roll.

The Galley....Fish Counter Bob (FCB) and I are re-doing the galley and hope to have it wrapped-up by late next week.....installing a HUGE peculating coffee pot, griddle, crock pot, and a few other goodies to make our trips more fun. Bob is not only a maniac with a fillet knife, he is also a very good cook and we want to bring our trips to another level with fresh breakfast tidbits and warm coffee when we throw the lines....little things that really make a trip special and something you won't get on most other boats. FCB and I are still kicking this one around but will have something in place very soon for the cold weather Codfishing coming soon...will have another update by this Sunday of our progess, hopefully with some pics...standby


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