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Could This Be The New "FV Codzilla"?

Deborah and I took off Saturday morning to have a close-up viewing of what might be our next vessel. I first saw the 34 year old boat on Dock SS in Galilee back in 1982 - I was 14 years old at the time and I can remember it like yesterday. My dad and I were walking down the dock looking for the one and only boat that we would consider our "dream boat" if we could have it. Of course...we were both just dreaming, looking for what we thought would be the best boat for hauling Cod "over the rail and in the pail" as the saying goes...on that cold March morning many years ago, we found the boat. It was Charlie Donilon's brand new 35' battleship "Snappa". A beast of a boat....downeast designed with a 12' beam, a single 600hp Lugger diesel engine and more testosterone than Arnold Schwarzenegger in his blockbuster movie "Terminator". I watched Capt. Donilon build a great business with this boat and I patiently waited for the opportunity to buy her, perhaps someday. In 2005 / 2006 I saw an ad in "The Fisherman" magazine - it was the "Snappa" up for sale to the highest offer....Charlie was now ready to let her go and move-up to a bigger vessel. At the time, I had the money, but was in no position to make a move on her...I was in an awful situation and it would take many more years before I would have another chance at her. Fast forward to Oct an email from a close friend in the business..."Charlies old Snappa is up for sale Capt...I will forward you the details - know how much you loved that old girl"....

As I walked down the pier Saturday morning I had a huge range of emotions running through the very end of the dock, the original "Snappa" sat quietly in outgoing tide waiting patiently for my arrival. Prior to boarding, I reflected back to that cold March day back in 1982...with my best friend, the best father anyone could ask for...Ed Serafin laughing and joking about the "one" boat we could only dream about owning someday. In the bright October sunshine, the old "Snappa" cosmetically looked her age, but still maintained a great presence and her lines are still as good as they were 34 years ago. The old Lugger is long gone...replaced by a very powerful 530hp Detroit Diesel with only 135 hours since being of my favorite engines!!! Overall, I found her to be in very good condition...needs some elbow grease but with my love of this old boat - I'm the guy who can bring her back to her former glory. So...without question, the current FV Codzilla is up for sale, and if it is God's will...the old "Snappa" will be my new vessel soon. She's a hell of a boat...15 person COI (USCG Cert. Of Inspection), 16 kt cruise, 23 kts (WOT)...and still a beast. Big, fast, heavy machine that can get me out and back without breaking a sweat...please keep me, Deborah and the old "Snappa" in your prayers...its going to take a miracle to make this happen....but I do believe in miracles!!!


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