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Sunday Is Off Due To Electrical Gremlins...

My apologies to the guys who booked Sunday's trip. I've been chasing an electrical problem (along with my friends from Voltech's - marine wiring experts) for several days and late this afternoon we found it...a two part problem actually. 1) a toasted portside alternator (regulator is shot) and 2) a toasted wiring harness that could not handle the voltage requirements of the new "gold plated" head. It cooked it "well done" and I got lucky it didn't cause more damage. So unfortunately I will be pulling wires this weekend instead of fishing. Its an old boat guys...and stuff like this happens sometimes when you do "extensive" upgrades like I did this past year...so lesson learned...if you upgrade something like your head, make sure your existing wiring harness and fuse box can handle the new load - something I simply overlooked.

On a more positive note....before I start pulling wires tomorrow, I will be going to take a look at a new vessel that I spoke about in a previous post. Its just the first step in the process...really need something bigger that can carry more people...please keep your fingers crossed. I know the boat personally and it was my original inspiration to get into the business...can't even believe its come up for sale. I will post some pics tomorrow of our initial viewing...standby


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