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Hoping To Get A Trip In This Saturday, Oct 15th....And Might Have A Boat For Sale...

Watching the weather closely for the end of the week and hope to sneak one in this Saturday, Oct 15th. Lots of NE wind all week which is a huge bummer unless your an "unmentionable" (dogfish). Have some minor electrical gremlins to sort out first and happen to believe that everything will be figured out by tomorrow. Lots of electronics powering up that to make sure everything is 100% before casting the lines always. The tidal coefficient for Saturday looks to be very high thanks to the full moon. So I am going to keep an eye on the weather and anyone who might want to fish let me know in advance so I can secure you a spot at the rail...

On a separate note....thought I would never say it...but I might put the FV Codzilla up for sale if I can get a decent offer. I really need to step-up to the next level and buy something a bit bigger...with a 15 man COI (USCG Cert. Of Inspection). Hard to make ends meet doing 4-6 man charters. I got a lead on a boat yesterday that has been very close to my heart since I was a kid, even remember walking down the docks in Galilee with my father 30 years ago staring at this boat and envisioning what it would be like to own it. It has a HUGE stern, single Detroit just rebuilt and its a downeast, hard chine would be perfect and allow me to grow into a real viable operation. Last time the boat came-up for sale was 2007...and anyone who knows me remembers what I was going through at that time...and I missed my chance to bid on her...another heartbreak to add to the long list that year. So this is my chance....and I really need to put my best foot forward to see if I can make this happen. FV Codzilla, although a bit slow is one hell of a boat, anyone who has taken a trip on her knows she it tough as nails, a great sea boat and has tons invested. Top of the line electronics, new head last month, all new through hulls, new exhaust, new everything. The boat is turn-key, fully documented with the USCG and has never left me stranded or on the wrong end of a towline...rock solid and I am going to price it very, very fairly for a quick sale. Anyone interested please contact me directly and I will meet with you to go over all the work and upgrades I have done since I took her into port 7 years ago...a phenomenal deal for short money...


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