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Friday Oct 7th...Might Be Our Last Chance To Fish Until "Matthew" Passes By...

As of 7:46 PM tonight, the only fishable window right now looks like this Friday, Oct 7th. NWS is calling for light winds out of the East and 2-3' seas. The only downfall may be the tides...very low coefficient between high and low tide, therefore little movement of water, something that does make a difference on most days, however, with Hurricane Matthew heading up the coast, that giant low pressure system could trigger a strong bite despite the dismal tides - seen this before. If conditions permit, I am probably going to head out to the Ledge, as this might be my last opportunity to get out there this year. I have been spending lots of hours studying a segment of bottom I have not fished in a long, long time. It was a "kingpin" area back in the day and I would like to poke around in there to see if there is any life. Haven't fished in this area since 1989! Good log books and record keeping is important and I spend a fair amount of time reviewing "everything" before I cast off the lines. So this will be the game plan. The price breakdown for this trip will be as follows:

If I can only get (4) anglers, $150pp

If I can get (5)+ anglers, $125pp

All trips leave the dock at approximately 6 AM and usually return to port by 4 PM. I will fish an extra hour or so if necessary to make the trip worthwhile (provided fishing is slow or just "off"). All bait and tackle is included - however, most trips are done motor drifting, jigging the iron clam. I provide everything and its customized specifically to catch the "Winter King". All my gear is new and updated with Power Pro braided line.

Already have (1) spot sold for this trip....Call, Txt or email me anytime if your interested in a spot at the rail. All trips subject to weather, as always....


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