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Capt "Johnny" Interviewed By My Friend Jon Depetro On WPRO Earlier In The Week....

Spent some time this past Tuesday with my friend Jon Depetro, a local talk show host who has the best morning show on the planet, 630 WPRO and yes you can listen from anywhere in the world. His focus is on local politics here in the most corrupt little state in the union and on the national stage, focusing on how important the upcoming election is...he is a conservative Trump supporter like yours truly and strongly believes we need some big time changes to get our country back from the brink of Democratic Liberal destruction (RI being a prime example of that). "JD" as he is affectionately called by most of his friends and fans is also very, very funny and calls it how he see's it...holds back on nothing and doesn't like "political correctness" - the unfortunate downfall of our country at the present moment due to our weak, gutless, feckless, apologist, big time RACISTS, Islamic loving, American hating president...the one and only, disrespected and despised worldwide, a true national embarrassment here and abroad....Barrack Hussein Obama....aka "Mr. Hope and Change"...yes, remember that line of bullshit? You guys already know how I feel about Mr. Nobama and his corrupt, coughing cohort - Hillary Clinton who should be locked-up in Federal prison...God help us. conversation with JD was centered on the sinking of the "Chicken Pox" and was done earlier in the week long before the kid ever stepped off the tanker and into the arms of his doubt its a murder investigation at this point and without a body or the boat...he walks AGAIN!!! Also looks like the dirtbag conspired with his mother to kill his very, very wealthy grandfather...the whole thing makes me sick because I genuinely thought it was just an unfortunate accident involving a mother and son who enjoyed being out on the water...such a special relationship in most normal circumstances....and I was genuinely concerned and praying for their welfare as I know how dangerous being out on the water is. Based on all the details that came out this week, I am really shocked to hear about the history of this mother and son duo...its evil, awful, twisted and tragic. It is also a reflection of how far some people will go to get their hands on money they never earned or should be in possession of...based on what I know as of today, the mother and son both conspired to kill her father (and inherit 22 million) and now the kid kills her at sea with no witnesses, no boat, no nothing...and now he inherits the money himself....sick. But remember something people...God is good and nothing escapes his perfect judgment. Mother and son both will be held accountable in this lifetime or the next...and the truth...yes, the truth...will come out at some point. Enclosed is a link to hear me live on the air, 630 WPRO earlier in the week...

Podcast discussion on Nathan Carman rescued at sea who lost his on and listen...good stuff!!!

No trips this weekend for obvious reasons...gonna take a few days for the water to clear out as well, then there is the dogfish factor....NE winds blow them right onto our doorstep....what a nightmare. More than likely not sailing until next weekend...give the water some time to clear up and and let the dogs move out...again!!!!


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