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Trip Updates & Some Lousy Weather...

Well it looks pretty bad the entire week extending into the weekend unfortunately. A big low pressure center developing over the Ohio River Valley is going to slowly meander through the mid Atlantic all week and keep the winds blowing N/NE right through Saturday, Oct 1st. This is not only going to churn up the water, its also going to push a ton of dogfish onto the grounds making for some tough fishing. Its one thing if we get a day or two NE, but when you get it for a whole week straight it brings out the barkers big time. With that being said, I am not planning on any trips until next week. Even if it clears up enough to fish Sunday, its going to take another few days for that dirty water to dissipate and then the dog pound factor....nope not worth it. You guys know how I feel about taking boat rides...

Check back later in the week and we'll see whats going on with the the meantime I'll be setting gear and spending some time looking at bathymetric charts looking for that next big Cod drop.


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