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Monday, Sept 26th???

Just got a report from a close friend in the fleet...scup city out on the grounds, but....also some nice Cod in the mix. Glad I took a pass this weekend...Mr Russ Benn, Seven B's reported strong tides, rough conditions and not too many fish by the island. My plan right now is to hit the Ledge on Monday "IF" I can get at least four anglers. $150pp if I can only get four...$125pp if I get at least five....throw the lines at 6 AM and will not come in till we have a full cooler of Cod. Got one as of this posting, need three more and its a looks perfect and I really want to make this, txt or call me tonight up till 10 PM or tomorrow anytime...will be down on the boat getting things ready tomorrow after lunch....stop in for a beer and a few laughs if your around Narragansett....

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