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Tomorrow & Sat Trip... was the day to be out there (as the pic above shows). I really wanted to do a trip but only had one taker. Not a "puff" of wind and as I set the gear for our next trip I could not believe how beautiful it was standing on deck this afternoon. Tomorrow will also be beautiful in the morning....but probably not in the PM...that cold front is coming down sometime in the afternoon or early evening and I decided to take a pass. Just not worth getting caught 30 miles out with a 10 kt boat. "Been there, done that" and call me "Chicken of the Sea", but I would rather be wrong and standing on land rather than be wrong and pay for it at sea...did that on my July 8th trip this past summer and paid dearly for it...its posted on here, scroll down and read it....left port in flat calm conditions and when we got 28 miles offshore the fog lifted and a cold front came down right on top of us...almost lost the boat, 3.5 hour white knuckle sleigh ride coming in....huge, violent seas. So yes I would rather cancel than put my customers, Corey and myself at risk. I fish year round, only haul out for a week or so in the spring, so there will be plenty of good days...why chance it? after this cold front passes, it looks like we are going to have another good stretch of weather early next week. FV Codzilla is topped off with fuel, all the gear is set and I am ready to go at a moments notice. Right now Tuesday looks real good and I am watching the forecast closely....please check the blog often and if you see a trip you want to jump on just send me an email, txt or old fashion phone call to secure a spot at the rail...


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