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Looks Like Fri & Sun This Weekend...

Watching the weather closely...wish I had enough guys to make it out Thursday but I don't....to bad because conditions will be perfect and I would crush the Cod on a day like this like nobody's business. Friday "might" have enough guys...have three as of right now but need four to make a trip...$150pp with four - five. $125pp if I have six - eight. Saturday looks like its going to be pretty rough with a cold front coming down early in the day. If that's the case I will push this trip to Sunday and make of go of it...have three spots sold as of right now, need one more to make it a trip...$150pp. Its the best charter value in the northeast if your an old school Cod nut like myself and so many others...and I don't fish like anyone else...my engines never shut down...its rodeo Codfishing unlike anything you have ever seen. Typically, I hit 25-35 drops in a trip...and that's what puts fish in the box folks. Call, txt or email me to reserve a spot at the rail....


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