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Good Cod Results Fri & Sat...

Both trips this weekend started out slow but finished strong. On Friday, we had five takers for the trip, all from different parts of NE....Gary (NY), Steve (CT), Dave (CT), Bill (RI) and Mike (MA). This was a first for me and when you put five different guys together on a small deck, it can either be really good or really bad depending on the personalities involved...thank God this group was not only a great bunch of guys, but also some really experienced anglers. Needless to say, the Cod and Seabass really didn't stand a chance. At the end of the day we had a decent mess of quality market fish and one that approached the 15 lb mark. Overall a great trip and below are the pics from Friday's outing including one of a curious gull who had a key interest in where I was going as he followed me for a great distance buzzing the wheelhouse several times...

On Saturday's trip we had another very good group on board including master rod handler Rob ("Zorro") Krause (MA) and the Ed Pysa group from Ct. After a slow (actually pathetic) start and with the clock running I sensed that I was in the wrong place based on what I was seeing on my scope. Major schools of Scup overtook the grounds (as they are now filtering in off the beach into deeper water) and the Cod would not have a chance to reach any of our offerings as the small scup were aggressively attacking anything and everything. Since this was not a scup trip, I decided to gamble and move to another location an hour away....not something I normally do considering FV Codzilla's blazing 10 knot top speed. At 10:30 AM we finally reached the first drop and it was real solid with several nice size fish including one brute that pushed the needle past 30 lbs! By 3 PM the cooler was full and it was time for the long ride home. Overall a great trip and the weather was about as perfect as one could ask for. We left with a full moon and returned to port with a gorgeous sunset...the pics below tell the story. Planning more trips for the upcoming week...going to watch the weather and hope to sail at least two trips while the fishing can still be done in short sleeves! Anyone interested in fishing this week is advised to contact me ASAP so we can set something up. As of right now, I have (2) spots open for next Saturday, Sept 24th...also would like to put a trip together during the week. Call in sick, cancel that appointment and give that "to do" list a rest....only so many days left with great weather like this!


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