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Still Have 2 Spots For Friday....

There are still 2 spots open for in sick, push those appointments out a few days and tell the "Mrs." that the "honey to-do list" will have to wait for another day. Its getting to that time of year where trips will start to taper off due to the weather...and you can bet we will have plenty of it very soon. Here's the deal...Friday has two spots and I am going to visit some productive grounds where I last left off prior to the storm....

Saturday is sold out....and as of right now even the guys who booked the trip have no idea what I have up my sleeves. It might be the most epic trip of the season and I am currently in talks with my partner boat (FV Danielle, Capt Nick) to make a very long, 2 part offshore trip to some wrecks that are seldom fished by anyone. Its a trip I have been wanting to do for many years but would not do without a partner due to the distance..."IF" we do make the run, standby for the report because it will be epic and unlike anything we have fished in the past few years...standby


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