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What Does 9/11 Mean To You?

As I sat on the stern of FV Codzilla this afternoon I couldn't help but notice Old Glory softly waving her beautiful colors in the strong prevailing Southwest breeze. The flag belongs to Capt. Scott Capwell, owner and operator of A-Z charters. Capt. Scott is also a professional firefighter for the town of Coventry, RI. As I watched his flag graciously extend the stars and stripes across the light blue sky, I stopped for a moment to think what it must have been like for the brave NY firefighters & policeman who had to go up into the smoldering twin towers 15 years ago on this very day...

They didn't have the option of not going.

They didn't have the option of turning back.

They didn't have the option of walking away, and not a single one did...without hesitation they simply went.

The words "brave" or "courageous " to me doesn't even begin to define just how mentally tough and unselfish these men were. Going up into those burning towers while everyone else was running the opposite way was truly the most selfless act one could do for our fellow man. As I searched my mind for the right word to correctly describe these incredible men, it never came to me and remains undefined in my heart....I suppose there are no words.

What does 9/11 mean to you?

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