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Should Have Gone Today & Upcoming Trips...

The warm front that I thought was going to pass through quickly put the breaks on and is moving out slowly (as of this post)...unusual considering there was a cold front ahead and behind it, well that's weather for you and I was certainly wrong and NWS was right on this one (at least I admit it, find a weatherman who will do that!!!). Irregardless, the fog was on and off all day and I heard several reports of huge swarms of dogfish all over the place - especially out at Coxes and south of the island. No surprise with all that east wind for days on end. Honestly, if the dogs were out in force today I would rather be tied to the dock catching up on never ending maintenance rather than losing tons of gear and wrestling those bastards out of endless entanglements...and who wants to fork over $125 for a day like that? So regardless of the weather, I still made the right call...

Maintenance...the new cutting station is 90% done minus two bolts I need to install tomorrow - forgot to take my extra long 3/8 bit down to the dock today...its always something. Anyways, the new (old) board looks great and is MUCH more robust than that "Mickey Mouse" fleabay set-up I had used most of the summer season. This board was originally on the boat the first 5 seasons till I got rid off the old cooler configuration that occupied too much deck space. So cross that one off the list.

Gear....took delivery of 20 new jigs this week, tons of new teasers and purchased a 5th new 7'6" Tsunami Cod Rod (forgot model # offhand but if you want it email or txt me) coupled with a new high speed Daiwa Sealine X40SHA reel....for relatively short money, its the most balanced, high speed, Cod slaying set-up I could come-up with. Even customers who come aboard with their expensive custom rods and reels admit this set-up is top shelf...and at the end of the day guess what their fishing with? I cannot emphasize how important gear is...everything has to be right - rod, reel, line selection, top shot selection and length, jig / teaser combo's, hooks and hook all counts and separates the men from the boys at the end of the day. So today, after the new board was in, I spent hours "retooling" every rod in the I do prior to every trip!!!

Upcoming trips....this Tuesday, Sept 13th looks real nice. If anyone can fish on that date let me know....all I need is (4) to make it happen. Friday, Sept 16th is a definite go, already have (4) for that one and have room for at least one or two more. The weekend trip will be on whatever day has the better weather (Sat, Sept 17th or Sun Sept 18th)...of course, all trips weather permitting. Really want to go on Tuesday and everything is ready....just need a (4), txt or call on any of the above trips so I can get a head count and put it down on the calendar as a "go". Wishing everyone a nice weekend and please check back on Monday as I will update the trips, weather and more....


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