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Saturdays Trip Is A Thumbs Down...

I really wanted to fish tomorrow but its just not going to happen. Corey and I got away with it the last two trips but I have a feeling this isn't going to be one of them. That weak warm front is going to come through tonight and fall apart rapidly by dawn bringing with it some rain and fog I am sure. As soon as the sky clears, that cold front is going push through and stir things up nicely. As of right now, nobody knows the timing and what you see in the above pic kind of gives us a snapshot but certainly nothing definitive with respect to time. Cold fronts move much more rapidly than warm fronts and timing them is very difficult...even the computer models are only a "best guess". If it was the other way around and that was a warm front coming in tomorrow night I would be running the trip because they move slower and you have more leeway with respect to time. Not to say tomorrow is going to be totally unfishable, the AM may actually be real nice and if you have a bigger platform under your feet (any head boat for instance) and it kicks up in the PM - no big deal, you can ride it out no problem. On smaller boats like mine it can be a different story...I already got caught once this past summer (July 8th trip) and don't care to repeat it.

Corey and I will be turning wrenches tomorrow afternoon catching up on some routine maintenance. I am also hoping to get our new (actually old) cutting station set-up as it is long overdue. Keep in mind that tomorrow is the "Calamari Festival" in Narragansett...if your in the area and want to drop by the boat to introduce yourself or just say hello please do...I have plenty of comfortable chairs and always keep cold beer in the cooler for guests. You the customer are the reason why we are in business and all are welcome to drop in anytime.


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