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Saturday's Trip....

A weak cold front is coming through tonight followed by high pressure which is going to build across the region on Saturday followed by another cold front that will churn things up for Sunday. Its the timing of the latter cold front that I am watching...because the wind direction is forecast to be coming out of the SE, it could blow-up and get very ugly quick if this front comes in faster than what NOAA is predicting. You guys already know how I feel about anything coming out of the East... So as of right now, I am still on the fence for Saturdays trip. I have a feeling its going to be one of those trips that I won't be able to say is a "go" until sometime tomorrow. The updated forecast comes in around 3:30 PM, so I guess that's when I will decide. Hate doing this to you guys and I know it causes everyone heartburn but I would rather feel confident that we can fish "somewhat" comfortably without doing the "2 Step" on the deck of Codzilla with rods and jigs flying all over the place....

Water temps & clarity....As of this afternoon, the water temps out on the grounds dropped a full 10 degrees (due to 4 days of NE winds) and is now holding steady at 64.8 deg F (as shown in the above Satellight pic above). This is significant and can be a good thing (Cod feed more aggressively when the water cools down) or a bad thing (big NE winds for days sometimes blows in huge swarms of dogs). Another issue is water clarity...TS Hermine really stirred the waters good since last Saturday and its going to take at least a week to get the clarity back to normal. Being 10 degrees cooler will help with that, but until we drop a line over side its all armchair quarterbacking. So at this point, sit back, relax and have a cold one while I try to figure this one out...standby


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